4. Dezember - Stijn Jansen

Last year (2017) I raced with my home team in the Dutch league. I met a new friend. Lucas Abel. He told me about his team, KTT! He said, maybe it's a good step for me to a bigger level. So I came in contact with Gerhard. He gave me the chance to be part of an amazing team! My first team weekend was great! We were second in a local running race. It felt like a new home. Now I was so motivated to train and to make myself better to be one of the KTT Bundesliga athletes. The first race was 2.Bundesliga team sprint in Gutersloh. We won directly with a big gap! It was amazing. After the race Gerhard told me that I would be part of the team in Düsseldorf. So I competed in two races in the Bundesliga. We were a great team! Düsseldorf 6th with the squad and Münster 4th!!!! We were so happy. Most important moment for me was the moment before the race in Münster. One girl had a flat tire and the whole team was helping her!! Jemeinsam!!!! Thanks everybody for 2018!!


#Jemeinsam mit ProAthletes, Autohaus Rolf Horn und Sports-Block

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